Voki avatar инструкция

voki avatar инструкция
Click on the HTML button in the editor (last icon on the right in the top menu bar). Paste the embed code in the window that ops up. Javascript in pages raises significant security concerns, and so only users with Administrator privileges are allowed to add Javascript to a page. HTML and Javascript can be pasted into your workspace page, but it should only be inserted via the «HTML/Javascript» plugin. Subscribe by RSS or email and remember to follow me on twitter (mjgormans) and visit my companion wiki site. I look forward to joining you in the future here at Tech & Learning, but until then enjoy a conversation with an avatar… and have a great week! – Mike.

Simply, choose your head, clothes, and accessories, give your Voki a voice, and then add a background. Электронный голос произносит тот текст, который вы введете в специальное поле на одном из шагов создания аватара. Grades K-12 Story Board Students can create stories inspired by art PicLits Students create sentences or poems from picture inspiration. You can learn how to do it by watching this video.16. Scavenger Hunts – Teachers can develop a set of directions telling students where to find different objects in the classroom, school, or on the web.

This will at least display some nicer text instead of the URL. I hope this helps. Future articles include a look into even more iPad apps, the growing Droid Educational App market, and a seven step method for teaching website evaluation. Teachers could create story starters and have students finish the stories either through writing or with an avatar.14. Avatar Conversation And A Flip Camera – Have students in a collaborative group write a dialog script. Next, they record their own voice when feeling more comfortable.

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