Medrad vistron ct инструкция pdf

medrad vistron ct инструкция pdf
При этом учитываются клиническая задача, возраст, вес и другие особенности пациента С помощью устройства Vistron CT радиологическое исследование спирального сканирования проводится по методике болюсного усиления. Further limitations of the study design were the low number of observers for the 3DE data and the limited imaging quality of 3DE data sets, as already mentioned. While specific sectional planes have to be defined in CMRI during the scans and cannot be changed afterwards, CCT and 3DE generate modifiable 3D volume sets with optimisation of the sectional planes later on.

Data analysis was accomplished in the Extended Brilliance Workspaceo. In order to create short-axis images, the MPRs were loaded in a Cardiac viewerp with multiplanar view modus that showed three planes of the heart: the vertical long-axis, the horizontal long-axis and the short-axis plane. Moreover, papillary muscles and trabeculae were attributed to the RV volume, whereas the interventricular septum, epicardial fat, and the pericardium were excluded. However, we took care not to acquire 3DE volume data sets during breathing. For instance, the illumination elements 440a, 442a, could be configured for issuing light of different colors (e.g. green light for contrast medium and blue light for flushing medium) to permit one to easily distinguish between the two syringes. Stroke volume (SV) was defined as the difference between EDV and ESV and ejection fraction (EF) as the percentage change of these volumes.Figure 2 Results of three-dimensional echocardiography right ventricular function analysis of an anaesthetised healthy beagle. The focus of this study was the comparison of 3DE, CCT and CMRI under as comparable conditions as possible; therefore all measurements were performed in anaesthesia.

The short-axis reformations were generated in both long-axes planes parallel to the tricuspid valve and perpendicular to the septum. Sagittal, four-chamber and coronal views from one cardiac cycle were loaded into the RV-volume analysis window. To Order Call: 1-800-296-5893 or Fax: 1-615-547-7937 Coeur syringes to deliver contrast agents in CT injection systems. The kit contains 2 200-mL syringes, 60-inch patient tubing with T-connector, 1 large saline spike and 1 small contrast spike.

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