Medrad vistron ct инструкция pdf

medrad vistron ct инструкция pdf
For an optimal image quality, a grey scale second-harmonic imaging technique with adjustment of image contrast, frequency, depth and sector size was used. The excellent definition of endocardial borders and the high temporal resolution of CMRI images enable assessment of RV volume and function and confirm its use as gold standard. Therefore, each observer could reliably identify the same borders in each repeated examination. Thus, in the embodiment illustrated in FIG. 3 (as well as FIGS. 4-6), the data entry fields assume a darker shade in correspondence with a contrast medium infusion phase, while they assume a lighter shade in correspondence with a flushing medium infusion phase. Volume data sets were acquired by single-beat examination with a mean frame rate of 16.8 (min — max = 8.7 to 20) frames/s (fps). During data acquisition care had to be taken that all right ventricular structures were clearly visible in all recorded planes.

Medrad® Stellant® CT Injection Systems boast a convenient Bayer syringe and disposable set, designed to optimize throughput and set-up time. 1. Kalender W, Kyriakou Y. Flat-detector CT (FD-CT) Eur Radiol. 2007;17:2767–2779. [PubMed]2. Fahrig R, Fox S, Lownie S, et al. Injection has not yet taken place.As shown in FIG. 10, other touch fields and display fields may be provided within touch screen arrangement 500. For instance, an “injection delay” can be entered into a display field 528 by means of a touch field 528a suited for that purpose. Additionally, the influence of a prolonged anaesthesia and of differences in patient positioning as well as differences of ventilation technique cannot be ruled out completely. Moreover, in our study we investigated only dogs without relevant heart failure in anaesthesia.

Differences in CT perfusion summary maps for patients with acute ischemic stroke generated by 2 software packages. Am J Neuroradiol. 2012;33(11):2074–2080. [PubMed]12. Soares BP, Dankbaar JW, Bredno J, et al. For example, an entire protocol, including short bolus, hold and remaining injection, can be stored and recalled for future use. The kit contains 1 200-mL syringe, 60-inch patient tubing, and 1 sterile spike. Additionally, an entire “short bolus” phase and subsequent standard injection phase may be stored and recalled as a “composite” injection type (see additional discussion further below), thus providing for rapid programming and reducing the chances of operator error. The phases already undertaken, on the other hand, are depicted in muted tones, while those that have not yet been undertaken preferably bear the “base” tones such as those depicted in FIG. 13. Display field 594 preferably indicates that the hold phase is in effect.

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