Инструкция lg ffh

инструкция lg ffh
When replacing a high wattage resistor (Oxide Metal Film Resistor, over 1 W), keep the resistor 10mm away from PCB. Keep wires away from high voltage or high temperature parts. Руководство пользователя Руководство пользователя предлагает информацию о соответствующем продукте. Electrostatically Sensitive (ES) Devices Some semiconductor (solid-state) devices can be damaged easily by static electricity.

Краткое руководство Руководство пользователя — базовая инструкция, которая содержит информацию об установке и эксплуатации техники. Carefully crimp and solder the connections. CAUTION: Be sure the insulated jumper wire is dressed so the it does not touch components or sharp edges. Выберите «Сервис» в строке меню, затем выберите “Параметры просмотра в режиме совместимости” Во всплывающем меню снимите все три флажка и нажмите «Закрыть» Ваш браузер автоматически обновится и будет готов к использованию. Leakage Current Cold Check(Antenna Cold Check) With the instrument AC plug removed from AC source, connect an electrical jumper across the two AC plug prongs. Measure the AC voltage across the resistor using AC voltmeter with 1000 ohms/volt or more sensitivity.

Always remove the test receiver ground lead last. 8. Use with this receiver only the test fixtures specified in this service manuai. CAUTION: Do not connect the test fixture ground strap to any heat sink in this receiver. General Guidance An isolation Transformer should always be used during the servicing of a receiver whose chassis is not isolated from the AC power line. Инструкция научит правильно управлять, а соблюдение правил эксплуатации продлит срок службы аппарата. Advertising Advertising MINI HI-FI AUDIO SYSTEM OWNERÕS MANUAL MODELS : FFH-515A/L/S/AX/AD FE-515E FFH-717A/L/S/AX/AD FE-717E FFH-818A/L/S/AX/AD FE-818E Please read this manual carefully before operating your set. To facillitate ease of locating your model, you can use the drop down menus below to navigate our current inventory of LG service manuals. Your model may return multiple results, some of which may contain only the parts list.

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