Инструкция alpine w966j

Пропорции исходных реактивов меняются от компонента к компоненту…Тотальное снижение цен ! Внимание, снижение цен !!! Дорогие покупатели! Alpine готовится к началу продаж системы Alpine Style для Skoda Octavia 3! Система X901D-OC3 разработана специально для этого автомобиля. Встречайте — MRV-M1200Новый 1-канальный усилитель мощности серии V-Power, 1×1200 Вт, высокая мощность в компактном исполнении !Подарок при покупке усилителя Alpine MRV-M250Alpine MRV-M250 + Alpine RUX-KNOB. только до 30.08.2016 года.

Disclaimer: by following the instructions below, you may end up destroying your stereo, car, MP3 player, interpersonal relationships, and everything else you hold dear. I am not responsible for any of this. Make the following connections: «Audio Ground» pin from the M-BUS connector goes to the pin closest to the hole on the 3.5mm audio jack «Right Audio Input» goes to the pin farthest from the hole «Left Audio Input» goes to the only remaining pin. Stay connectedLook for our various divisions on social media. This method will work on any Alpine stereos with an 8-pin M-BUS connector in the back. (The stereo I performed this on was an Alpine CDM-9821.) The connector itself should look something like this: After some searching around, I located the functions of each pin on this connector at .
Disc and station title memory. MIX [shuffle] all (CD/MD?). 24 station presets (12FM, 6AM, 6DAP). Local/DX selection, up/down seek. Now hit the «Source» button until you get to AUX. At this point, you should be able to plug in an MP3 player and have the audio routed to your car’s speakers. You should end up with an adapter cable like this: Plug the M-BUS connector into the back of your stereo and mount the audio jack somewhere on the dash. The pinnacle of qualityYou’ll find only the finest materials, skilled craftsmanship, innovative design and attention to detail in every product we sell. Hold the «Setup» button on the stereo and enable aux input in the menu. A commitment to excellenceWe take great pride in our work and stand behind each and every product we sell so you remain a satisfied Weaver Leather customer.

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