Инструкция установки сервера motion на ubuntu

инструкция установки сервера motion на ubuntu
Распространяется в виде набора пакетов для некоторых основных дистрибутивов Linux. К сожалению программа имеет не совсем свободную лицензию (license) однако даже вариант для некоммерческого использования с некоторыми урезанными функциями вполне хватит для домашнего использования. Nginx versions 0.7.14 and above (Ubuntu 14.04 ships with version 1.4.6) can enable SSL within the same server block as regular HTTP traffic. Motion has been compiled on FreeBSD and MacOS. These platforms however have had only limited testing.

The installer should create a motion group and user, and add the motion user to the video group. If it doesn’t, then you must create them yourself. Note that the options snapshot_filename, jpeg_filename, ffmpeg_filename, and timelapse_filename all allow specifying directories by using ‘/’ in the filename. The last option switch_filter is supposed to prevent the change of camera from being detected as Motion. You can also check the error.log file for nginx to see what errors it gives on startup sudo cat /var/log/nginx/error.log Reprocess Recordings from 0.81 With the update from BigBlueButton 0.81 to 0.9, we do not support upgrading a server in place. Motion can be remote controlled via a simple http interface. http is the language a normal web browser talks when it requests a web page. Generally, if the device works with other common video player software, it will work with Motion (and vice versa). As a result, it is often convenient to first get the device working with other software and then use those connection options with Motion.

Most of these libraries can be found on the CDs of your distribution. A few will have to be downloaded from the Internet. The feature gives your viewer the chance to watch the day pass by. It makes a nice effect to film flowers etc closeup during the day. Now Motion will start automatically when you start your computer, and you can start and stop it like any other daemon. The releases have not been very consistent over time. Set the threshold to what you want to trigger Motion. In normal mode you can use the same setting with two browser windows and experiment with settings of the camera if needed. Another advantage is that you do not need to install xmlrpc libraries. It is all written in standard C. Security Warning!

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